About us

Our company

The “Scelta Dispensa Carasico’s” objective is to offer its customers a selection of wines and gastronomic products of the territory.

The criterion for this selection reflects our personal taste and is based on research of small artisans typical of the area in respect of the culinary tradition of Langa. In our shop, located on the main square of Dogliani, customers also have access to a tasting room where they have the opportunity to taste the wines before buying them with consultancy of professionals Sommeliers (Italian Sommelier Association). We give the possibility to taste the wine every day by 20 different companies; tasting not only Dogliani but also Barolo, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Barbaresco, Arneis, Moscato, all perfectly preserved thanks to the nitrogen system that keeps the bottles in optimal conditions, as just uncorked. Besides to the vast selection of wines in our boutique “Scelta Dispensa Casarico” you can also buy other products whose production is anyway characteristic of our area, such as grappa, hazelnuts, olive oil, pasta, honey, and in particular sweets to which we reserve ample space with the possibility to change them every season. At “Scelta Dispensa Casarico” store, customers can make use of, for the choice of products, support of the staff extremely knowledgeable and helpful, ready to give any explanation requested, to assist and guide the tastings in 6 languages well spoken: Italian, English, French, German, Polish and Russian.

It is guaranteed ongoing support via email every day, including holidays. In fact we have a wide global network of customers having structured a system of online sales thanks to which, through our website, those interested can anyway make use of the advice of staff and at the same time can make orders, pay conveniently by remote credit card, and wine and purchased products can be shipped all over the world at really competitive prices.